Вопрос: What Is A Good Team For Pokemon Diamond?

What is the best team for Pokemon Diamond?

Also, I feel items are preference, whether you like berries, or items to boost a Pokemon’s stat, it is up to you.Empoleon.


Ice Beam.

Drill Peck.



Brick Break.




Flare Blitz.

Iron Tail.


Magical Leaf.




Dark Pulse.



Dragon Claw..

What is the best starter for Pokemon Diamond?

Piplup – Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Piplup is one of those Pokemon who is best used strategically. It has the fewest weaknesses, which makes it useful in battles. Plus, it can learn water, ice and flying type moves thanks to its penguin resemblance.

What is the best Gen 4 Pokemon team?

Pokémon: Making The Perfect Gen IV Team1 Gliscor.2 Lucario. … 3 Empoleon. … 4 Garchomp. … 5 Rotom-Wash. … 6 Togekiss. The inclusion of this Pokémon may raise a few eyebrows for some, but that’s only because they aren’t familiar with its infamous Paraflinch setup. …

Why is Pokemon Diamond so slow?

Why is the gameplay in Pokemon Diamond so slow? … Another reason is that they might not have been too concerned about the game play speed as a whole. They probably decided it was fine for what it was because honestly the only slow parts of the game is just walking and surfing through the overworld.

Which is the best starter in Sinnoh?

All three are great Pokémon, but my personal favorite is Infernape. Diamond and Pearl has a problem with fire types, so Infernape was almost necessary in a playthrough. And even outside of playthroughs it does amazing in battle. In its debut generation, it even surpassed Blaziken in the competitive scene.

Is lucario a good Pokemon?

Pokemon GO Lucario is a Fighting Steel type Pokémon. It evolves from Riolu, its Generation 4 baby form. … Lucario Max CP of 2703 is decent, and its 236 attack is impressive, but it does not have much for bulk with only 144 defense and 172 stamina.

Is Empoleon a good Pokemon?

All hail the penguin king! Empoleon will be a interestingly typed addition to the meta, and certainly a worthy Water starter, being about on par with Feraligatr and slightly worse than Swampert….Steel Types:PokemonEmpoleonMax CP2900Attack210Defense186Stamina19712 more columns•Aug 3, 2018

What is the best Sinnoh Pokemon team?

Bibarel and Lopunny are decent options. If you Choose Chimchar as your starter you should replace Rapidash for Roserade. If you choose Piplup as your starter replace Floatzel for Roserade. It certainly does WORK, but Houndoom is better in almost every way.

Is infernape better than Empoleon?

Torterra is the best. Lets say if it survives one hit from Infernape’s Fire attacks, or if it is faster than Empoleon, it can K.O. both of them at ease. But if you’re more of the speedy fast kill type, you should go with Infernape. Empoleon is pretty good.

Is Chespin a good starter?

Yes Froakie as far as meta gaming goes with its hidden ability is way better then the chespin line and possibly better then every other starter in the game as well for the meta, BUT I think as a actual starter ( You pick it at the start and play threw the game with that first pokemon ) it might actually be the best …

What is the best Pokemon Platinum team?

Assuming no Giratina, I’ll just go through a few options that I think are quite good, and you can build a team from that.Infernape:Garchomp:Staraptor:Gyarados:Lucario:Roserade:

Can gyarados learn fly?

Gyarados does not have the ability to learn the Fly move. On the other hand, it is a dual-type Water/Flying Pokemon. This suggests that it can fly, but not well enough or far enough to actually be useful for travel or carrying passengers. Less like a bird, more like a flying fish.

Is Diamond Pearl or Platinum better?

“Yes, Pokemon Platinum is the same great game as Diamond & Pearl, with plenty of major changes and minor tweaks for hardcore fans of the series, but even the addictive and inventive gameplay may not be enough for more casual DS players to enter the world of Sinnoh a second time.” he warns.

Is Luxray good?

It had plenty of good coverage, including Superpower, Ice Fang, and Crunch, but it lacked a reliable physical STAB move, and didn’t have reliable set up moves, either. … In fact, while Luxray is NU now, it’s only really there because of usage stats, even though it’s still a completely viable Pokémon in UU.

What is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Alakazam,Gardevoir and Espeon are great Psychic types being fast and having very high special attack stat. Magmortar and Rapidash are good alternatives if you did not choose Chimchar as your starter. Starmie is a good pokemon too but staryu’s are very hard to find.

Who is better Torterra or Empoleon?

Definitely have to recommend Torterra over Empoleon, Empoleon just has weaker stats in general compared to Torterra, and that ground type is a great STAB for Earthquake. … While torterra is one of the only grass starters I’d even consider choosing, I chose piplup for this play through.

Is blaziken the best starter?

Torchic/Combusken/Blaziken Uber tier or not, Blaziken is not the best starter, despite frequent fan perspective and historical usage. Blaziken does supply a consistent sweeping strategy with its god-tier hidden ability, Speed Boost, which boosts Blaziken’s Speed one stage per turn.

Is Torterra good Pokémon go?

Pokemon GO Torterra is a Grass and Ground Pokemon, the final evolution stage of Turtwig family line. Torterra has 2825 Max CP, 202 Attack, 197 Defense and 190 Stamina, which makes her one of the most well rounded Grass starters to date. Torterra costs 100 Candy to evolve. …